Which USB Flash Drives will be popular in 2019?


Happy New Year!

As our first blog post of 2019 we thought we would take a look at what USB Flash Drives we think will be most popular this year.


Eco USB Flash Drives

Eco USB Flash Drives

2018 was the year we saw the environmental issues surrounding plastic waste pushed into the spotlight. Shows such as the BBC’s Blue Planet highlighted the damaging effect plastic waste is having on our oceans and inspired many people to evaluate their usage of single use plastics and to seek alternatives where possible. This even transferred over into the flash drive world where we noticed an increase in clients seeking USB Flash Drives with greater eco-appeal. Whilst all of our USB Flash Drives our made out of recycled materials, which helps give used materials a second life, others are even more eco-friendly. Our USB Flash Drives made out of Bamboo, Recycled Paper and Cork casings are all biodegradable materials! This means that the casing from these USB Flash Drives won’t be found floating in our oceans or sat in landfill in 1000 years time. We think in 2019 this trend will only increase as more and more companies seek to improve upon every aspect of their operations to become ever more environmentally sustainable. View our Eco USB Flash Drives here.


GDPR USB Flash Drive

Encrypted GDPR USB Flash Drive

A major piece of new legislation in 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, had many of our clients seeking a way to secure their data in a way that complied with this new piece legislation. Our GDPR USB Flash Drive uses data encryption which is a method of ensuring confidentiality is a technique of ensuring confidentiality by encoding data such that it cannot be read by anyone not authorised to do so. So, even if your encrypted flash drive is lost or stolen the information on it would be very difficult to access without the correct key or advanced hacking resources as our GDPR Flash Drive features 256bit AES algorithm which is also referred to as “military-grade encryption”!

Whilst the use of a GDPR Flash alone can’t guarantee a client is 100% GDPR compliant, it goes to great efforts to protect their sensitive data. Something we predict many of our clients will still be prioritising in 2019 for safe and secure data that needs to be available and shareable, that must always be accessible regardless of internet connection. Find out more about our GDPR USB Flash Drive here.


Custom Drive

Custom USB Flash Drive

Our custom drives have proved one of our most popular choices for many of our clients since we started way back in the early 00’s. It’s not difficult to see why this USB Flash Drive has proved so popular either! A custom USB Flash drive gives our clients the chance to truly convey the uniqueness of their brand to make for a more memorable and distinctive USB flash drive. The need to reflect your brand fully and stand out from the crowd is still timeless and therefore we think custom USB Flash Drives will still reign supreme in 2019! Get your own Custom USB Flash Drive here.