How long does a USB Flash Drive last?

USB Flash Drive

In an age of hackers leaking sensitive files many have reverted away from online cloud storage and reconnected with the safer and offline alternative of USB Flash Drives to store such data.

Not only are USB Flash Drives safer, due to not storing your data externally online, but they are also more reliable due to the fact they do not require an internet connection to work, meaning they remain accessible at all times. However, as with most physical items, USB Flash Drives are not infinite and have a usage lifespan.

So, just how long does a USB Flash Drive last?

Whilst there is no definitive answer the generation of the drive, with newer technologies being utilised in newer USB Flash Drives, does have an effect on the longevity of the USB Flash Drives use. Generally, a USB Flash Drive can be used for between 10,000 to 100,000 write/erase cycles. Meaning it is highly unlikely that even a frequent user of a USB Flash Drive would use up it’s entire data lifespan of write and erase cycles.

This said, a USB Flash Drives lifespan can be decreased depending on how well it is cared for. A USB Flash Drive properly looked after and from a reputable supplier will likely last for long time, in fact data stored on a drive and left will still be there in a decades time with no corruption. For USB Flash Drives with more regular usage you can take the following steps to prolong it’s lifespan for maximum value and protection.

Caring for your USB Flash Drive

  • Avoid exposing your USB Flash Drive to harsh environments. Places prone to moisture build up or high temperatures can damage the elements of electronic items such as USB Flash Drives.
  • Keep it covered! Most USB Flash Drives feature a protective cap or retract into their casing. Ensuring you do this helps keep dust at bay and helps prevent contamination of the drive.
  • Be sure to “Eject” the Drive properly to prevent it becoming a reject! To do this you simply need to right click on the USB Flash Drive on your computer and select “Eject” before removing it- simples.
  • Try not to leave your USB Drive in your computer for longer periods than necessary. Doing so can cause excess stress on the connective elements and increase the likelihood of them breaking. So, if it’s not in use it shouldn’t be in.

The takeaway?

Whilst the after care of your USB Flash Drives is important it can only prove effective if you select the right Drives to begin with. You should always ensure you purchase USB Flash Drives from a reputable supplier. Here at USB-Flashdrive we pride ourselves on ensuring the highest quality of USB Flash Drives for you, so much so that we even offer a 15 year guarantee on all of our USB Flash Drives!

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