How the new IPad iOS 13 makes the USB stick even handier for file transfers

On the 3rd of June at the Worldwide Developers Conference in California, Apple made some big announcements about their new operating systems for their products. The one that caught our attention was the new iPad iOS 13. Apple sold over 40 million iPads in 2018, showing that it is still extremely important to their growing product range. Until now, Apple has never embraced USB as a standard connector in its phones and tablets and has been hesitant to allow for the uploading of files and photographs from external systems or drives. Something that has irritated many Apple customers, especially those in the business world who appreciate the lightweight portability a tablet offers for meetings. All of this could change with the new iPad iOS 13.

With the new operating system, iPads will now be compatible with USB sticks and SD cards. New iPad Pros will come with a USB C port (side note: USB Flashdrive can provide company USB C sticks as well as regular USB sticks), however all older iPad’s will need to first plug a “dongle”/ adaptor into their tablets in order to plug in a flash drive or SD card. Once inserted, users will just have to open the “Files” app and their folder of inputted files should appear on the left hand side. From here these files and be downloaded, copied and forwarded as needed. These changes will especially excite photo enthusiasts who like Apple’s Lightroom app, as SD cards can also be plugged in, giving them an easy way to edit and save their pictures. Alongside these changes will be updated support for folder sharing and support for mouse pointers, helping the iPad to become a much more viable business tablet.

The changes will move the iPad closer to its big brother the Mac, allowing it to be seen as a desktop replacement in its own right. It’s also very good news for our friend the USB stick, which will finally be able to transfer files to the Apple tablet, making it an even more useful piece of promotional corporate merchandise.


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