A short homage to the mighty USB Twister Drive

Since its inception some 20 years ago the USB Stick, also known as a USB Flash Drive, has taken on many colours, shapes, sizes and capacities. 

We have sold USB Sticks in the shape of pretty much everything from cuff-links, asthma inhalers, beer kegs, Simon Cowell, guitars, all the way to underpants and a humping dog. There was even that time we were commissioned to create in a flash drive in the shape of a turd! USB Sticks made from metal, wood, recycled paper, rubber, silicone, ABS plastic, cork, glass, string and even stone have all been through our warehouse but when all is said and done, only a few USB stick designs stand the test of time….

One such USB model that stands out above them all is the USB Twister Drive.  We have produced and sold more of this model than all other models put together! A lidless and fabulously practical design encompassing just two parts, the housing and the swivel. The Twister Drive is available in every possible memory capacity right the way up to 128GB high speed USB 3.0. It can be made in any colour (Pantone referenced) and can be made in a wide variety of materials such as gold, silver, wood. The Twister will fit into even the most claustrophobic of USB ports and what’s more it can be produced in just 48 hours! 

So often we will present a range of models to the client but after careful deliberation they will often come to the conclusion that they want the tried and trusted Twister Drive. I guess it’s a bit like going into a restaurant, opening the menu and being presented with pages and pages of dishes only to end up ordering the cheeseburger and chips – a dish you have ordered countless times before and always had a great experience with. Twister USB blog image collective of example works branded

The trusty Twister Drive is a lot like the Cheese Burger, it’s not the most flamboyant or elegant option, but you always know what you are getting and it never disappoints!

Long live the Twister Drive!

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